BenOaks & Friends release hiphop gem ‘SAMSARA’


BenOaks released his 1st hiphop album – SAMSARA – suddenly on June 28. He re-acquired some of his masters from an abandoned Bones Culture compilation album. The concept was to try & create a track with hiphop artists from every major US city.

Even after making hundreds of hiphop songs with dozens of talented emcees, SAMSARA is Benjamin Oaks first ALL hiphop album. Most of his twelve or so albums are a blend of various electronica – from dubstep to downtempo triphop & alternative hiphop – a blend of electro, electronic rock & funk. 

BenOaks & Friends SAMSARA is a mostly soul style based boombap hiphop album. Guitar & organs over head-noddin funk beat. There are a few crunk/trap/chillwave modern style tracks on BenOaks & Friends SAMSARA. There is also a reggae song, a downtempo triphop banger, a dubstep beast, 3 electronica tracks & a downtempo electronica instrumental.

With lyrical artists from St. Louis, Detroit, DC, Des Moines, Wilmington & Chicago – SAMSARAfeatures hiphop legends like:

Numinous “American Love” feat. 66notes

“American Love” feat. 66notes by triphop group the Numinous is the track of the month by Benjamin Oaks

66notes is a lyricist, vocalist, musician & production artist from Des Moines & BenOaks main collaborator & production partner in the Numinous & Bones Culture.

“American Love” was the track that set-off the project called Supernormal which became the first EP by the Numinous.

The Numinous had already begun making their debut full-length Chapter Zero & were about halfway through recording & mixing when they began creating a set of dubstep / grime, UK flavored tracks. Which became “American Love” , “Consumption” & the lead off track & a favorite by Benjamin Oaks- “Soul Immersed in a Fool”.

Chapter Zero by the Numinous is a more classic triphop / alternative hiphop album.