BenOaks & Friends – SAMSARA (RMSTR) – hiphop banger feat. 66notes, Daytym, Starranko, Gentle Jones, Android Eddie, iM$YD, L Soul & Devy Dev Dev


BenOaks released his 1st hiphop album – SAMSARA – suddenly on June 28. He re-acquired some of his masters from an abandoned Bones Culture compilation album (due to untreated clinical depression, PTSD & anxiety).

The concept was to try & create a track with hiphop artists from every major US city.
Even after making hundreds of hiphop songs with dozens of talented emcees, SAMSARA is Benjamin Oaks first ALL hiphop album. Most of his twelve or so albums are a blend of various electronica – from dubstep to downtempo triphop & alternative hiphop – a blend of electro, electronic rock & funk.
BenOaks & Friends SAMSARA is a mostly soul-style based boombap hiphop album. Guitar & organs over head-noddin funk beat. 6 of #SWEETbeats on #SAMSARA are #funk #soul #boombap

2 #trap #crunk #chillwave nead nodders, 1 #dubstep, 1 #chillstep,

One #reggae joint

2 #triphop bangers, 2 downtempo electronica tracks & 1 instrumental electronica #BEAT

Most of the vocals were recorded in 2014. Most of the music were recorded in Havre de Grace. Initial drum sequences were started near Kutztown, PA in 2013 around the time the production duo (BenOaks + 66notes) the NUMiNOUS project was started. Most of the bass tuning was done during the #BASSisOurWeapon legendary sub bass session @ the Q L@B at Quantico, VA.

BenOaks & Friends SAMSARA (remastered) track listing:

BenOaks & Friends SAMARA (V1TAL remaster)

“the Take Down” feat. 66notes – production & hiphop artist from Des Moines, IA – @66notes
“Use to Know” feat. Daytym – hiphop artist from Minneapolis, MN – @daytym_is_nobody
“Land of the Free” feat. Starranko – vocalist, lyricist & hiphop artist from Washington, DC – @starranko
“Way We Know” feat. iM$YD – hiphop artist from St. Louis – @thegreatveezup
“Too Much Evil” feat. Daytym & 66notes
“Praise” feat. Android Eddie – vocalist, lyricist, hiphop artist & barber – @androideddie – Rivera’s Barbershop, Avondale, PA
“Odd Ass City” feat. Starranko
“RockStar” feat. L Soul – hiphop artist from Lansing, MI – @lsoulhiphop @l_soulthefreat –
“Drop the Hammer Down” feat. Daytym
“Game of Life” feat. 66notes
“Truth Is” feat. Android Eddie
“So High I Think I Might Die” feat. Gentle Jones – sk8 legend, vocalist, lyricist, hiphop artist from Wilmingtown, DE – @gentlejones –
“the One & Only” feat. 66notes
“Lost Treature” feat. 66notes & Devy Dev Dev – Devy is a vocalist from Illinois – @silllybish
“Prana” feat. Benjamin Oaks – instrumental recorded at the legendary Q L@B in VA #BASSisOurWEAPON
“Not From Around Here” feat. 66notes
“Dreams With Mephistopheles” feat. Gentle Jones