#LANC funk beat

Here is Benjamin Oaks’ first funk beat since returning to the production arts. Contact BenOaks if you are a vocalist & would like to collaborate on this instrumental.

Attention Lancaster, PA area vocalists and/or rappers! If you would like to audition to be featured on this track and also LIVE this summer at Lancaster area community events:

  1. Download the #LANCbeat above at Audiomack by clicking on the graphic
  2. Record a video of yourself performing along with the #LANCbeat
  3. Upload your video to Instagram or Facebook & use the hashtags #LANC #LANCbeat & #benoaks
  4. Contact Benjamin with a link to your post

Numinous “American Love” feat. 66notes

“American Love” feat. 66notes by triphop group the Numinous is the track of the month by Benjamin Oaks

66notes is a lyricist, vocalist, musician & production artist from Des Moines & BenOaks main collaborator & production partner in the Numinous & Bones Culture.

“American Love” was the track that set-off the project called Supernormal which became the first EP by the Numinous.

The Numinous had already begun making their debut full-length Chapter Zero & were about halfway through recording & mixing when they began creating a set of dubstep / grime, UK flavored tracks. Which became “American Love” , “Consumption” & the lead off track & a favorite by Benjamin Oaks- “Soul Immersed in a Fool”.

Chapter Zero by the Numinous is a more classic triphop / alternative hiphop album.


DAYTYM “Drop the Hammer (Down)”

Daytym delivers furious double-time rapping on a dubstep flavored beat by BenOaks (aka V1TAL of the Numinous).

Daytym is a lyricist, writer & perform from the St. Paul / Minneapolis metro area. He is due to release his debut album soon.

He released his debut mixtape (also produced by BenOaks aka Benjamin Oaks) under the moniker Lawrence Day (L.Day / LDK) in 2015:

Find out about upcoming performances on Daytym’s Facebook page:

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