Ben Oaks was guitarist & vocalist for the soul/funk trio Greyyy in 2018 (RIP Clay). He is now working on a set of blues/soul + dubstep/trap/triphop w/ some local musicians from Lancaster, PA.

Benjamin Oaks releases recorded music under various monikers:

    • hiphop & electrofunk artist under the moniker BenOaks
    • electronica (drum & bass, dubstep, grime) artist under the moniker V1TAL
    • triphop, ambient & world instrumentals under the moniker Benjamin Oaks

Here are the latest instrumental productions:


Benjamin Oaks is also involved with these on-going music projects:

  • singer/songwriter/guitarist for the new rock band The Rusty Gallows
  • production artist with the triphop group The Numinous
  • production artist for the newly, semi-defunct SweetBeats
  • artist with the internet based collaborative recording project Bones Culture
  • instrumentalist for the live Bones Culture band

Benjamin Oaks is a recording & production artist with the internet based triphop, electro-soul, urban electronica group The Numinous– along with Des Moines based singer, lyricist, songwriter & producer 66notes & Illinois based vocalist Devy Dev Dev (hiatus). The Numinous have released a full length album, an EP, have 2 unreleased albums and dozens of digital singles.

The Numinous are also a production team available for mixing, remixing, instrumental (beats), demo & mastering work.

Benjamin Oaks has released 12 albums (?) (under various monikers & with various bands & projects) since his first in 1994 recorded on a 4 track using an Alesis HR-16b & vintage MXR foot pedals.

  • O.C.G. & Cryer aka hav0krust (rare tape)
  • baseball (demo) (became raccoon, now dr. dog)
  • the Killswitch “flight of the pixies” (no longer available)
  • the Killswitch “sunset mercury” (rare tape)
  • O.C.G. “neoteny”
  • silence
  • Benjamin Oaks “anahata” *
  • Benjamin Oaks “hunt the dawn” *
  • Triple Threat Collective *
  • * – * now available as “tales of the pink grenade” [only via LAST.FM]
  • V1TAL + V!CE “Bass as a Weapon” +
  • Benjamin Oaks + The Amalgam “Dead or Alive”
  • Bones Culture “The Full Effect” +
  • The Numinous “superNORMAL” =
  • The Numinous “Chapter Zero” =
  • V1TAL “Wander the Pirate Sea With Heavy Heart” =
  • V1TAL “musica sonorous”


to be released this summer:

  • V1TAL “L1R” – + fashion print line

= available via Bones Culture INTL
+ to be re/released under PH Makes an F Sound

mixtapes by Benjamin Oaks aka BenOaks aka V1TAL:

  • V1TAL “Bigbeat Hullabaloo”
  • V1TAL “Riot.Muse.Ruckus”

Benjamin Oaks has been a member in the following bands/projects:

O.C.G. – member of Hav0krust
baseball (now Dr. Dog)
The Killswitch
Triple Threat Collective (which became AllisOne & now Bones Culture)
The Wolfgang Rebellion
For Thirds
The Good Old Fashioned