unless otherwise noted, all PHOTOS by Arvin Alston Photography

@ 20/10 Variety Show @ Lancaster Art Studios

Benjamin Oaks is an artist, musician & artisan (craftsman/carpenter) from the West Chester & Philadelphia area currently residing in Lancaster, PA.

Benjamin is a visual artist as well as a production artist.

BenOaks (aka V1TAL) blends genres ranging from triphop to blues, punk, reggae, dub, funk & electronica.

BenOaks released his 1st all hiphop album SAMSARA suddenly on June 28th. SAMSARA is a mostly soul/funk based boombap album with a few modern trap/chillwave modern style beats, a reggae song, a triphop banger, 3 electronica tracks & an electronica instrumental.

With lyrical artists from St. Louis, Detroit, DC, Des Moines, Wilmington & Chicago, SAMSARA features hiphop legends & newcomers – 66notes, Daytym, Starranko, Gentle Jones, iM$YD, L Soul, Devy Dev Dev & Android Ed (fka android869 fka Boom Theorie of Diatribe).

Click here for more info about SAMSARA – the debut hiphop album by Benjamin Oaks. Now available for streaming & FREE DOWNLOAD.

Watch the new official music video for “Soul Immersed in a Fool” by the Numinous feat. sultry, soulful vocals by Devy Dev Dev & a lyrically smooth flow from 66notes on a chillstep neck snapper prod. by BenOaks. Download the FREE MP3 via Soundcloud.

“Soul Immersed in a Fool” appears on the debut EP by the Numinous #supernormal … click here to listen to #supernormal on Spotify

Benjamin Oaks (aka V1TAL) is a member of the triphop & production group the #NUMINOUS & the newly formed blues/punk band The Gallows. Ben Oaks is also a founding member of the earth-wide collaborative music & art project Bones Culture.

Ben uses Jackson Pollock style paint throw techniques mixed with street art & graffiti styles. He has an ongoing series of hand gesture paintings as well as a series of visuals based on sacred geometry. He is currently working on a new series “awaken creation” due for show this summer.

Benjamin Oaks has over 20 years experience in custom, artisan home remodeling. Click here a gallery of recent work. Contact Benjamin Oaks for your next project!

Benjamin just released a new instrumental triphop album ‘L1R’ under his electronica moniker V1TAL!