Greyyy was the heavy blues/soul/funk/punk featuring Benjamin Oaks on guitar & vocals, Sam Walton on bass & keys and Clayton Stief (RIP) on drums. “There is no Greyyy without Clay”. But Ben & Sam will continue to make music together.

Tragically Clayton passed away in December 2018 due to a fatal drug overdose. This is an all too common problem that we hope to raise awareness of.

Clay was a popular figure of the Lancaster music scene. He played drums in numerous bands over the years & touched countless lives with his upbeat, outgoing personality.

in honor of clay jan 18 soca

AN ACOUSTIC EVENING IN HONOR OF CLAYTON STIEF @ SOCA – FRI JAN 18th – 6:30-10pm will feature some of the many bands that Clayton Stief performed drums:

Benjamin Oaks of Greyyy
Cameron Ellis Lamberson of Murder Nerds
Emily Ann Siegrist of What’s Her Face
Tony DiCarluccio of Main Street Sweep
Matt Stoltzfus of Fair Wages
Thomas Johnson of The Mary Remarks & Talk Alliance
Apes of the State
Mary Wander

Christine Peace will be hosting this event & all proceeds will benefit Lancaster Harm Reduction.

“MISSION: To provide non-judgmental services including syringe exchange, basic healthcare, education, and counseling to the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations of Lancaster County – the homeless, the uninsured, the injection drug users, and sex workers. To offer safety measures for those who are at high risk for contracting HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other blood-borne diseases. Also, to protect the public from the spread of diseases. Through referrals to other health care services, to help those seeking assistance to return to their homes and work places.” -Melinda Zipp, Outreach Director

Station One Center for the Arts – 411 W. King ST, Lancaster, PA