Benjamin Oaks is an artist, musician & artisan from the West Chester & Philadelphia area currently residing in Lancaster, PA.

Benjamin is a visual artist as well as a production artist.

BenOaks (aka V1TAL) blends genres ranging from triphop to blues, punk, reggae, dub, funk & electronica.

Click here for the #LANC funk beat!

“American Love” is the track of the month by Benjamin Oaks featuring Des Moines based artist 66notes. Click here for the blog post about the story behind the song.

“Drop the Hammer (Down)” is the current hiphop/rap single by BenOaks featuring Minneapolis bred vocal monster DAYTYM.

He is a member of the triphop & production group the #NUMINOUS & the newly formed blues/punk band The Gallows. Ben Oaks is also a founding member of the earth-wide collaborative music & art project Bones Culture.

Ben uses Jackson Pollock style paint throw techniques mixed with street art & graffiti styles. He has an ongoing series of hand gesture paintings as well as a series of visuals based on sacred geometry. He is currently working on a new series “awaken creation” due for show this summer.

Benjamin Oaks has over 20 years experience in custom, artisan home remodeling. Click here a gallery of recent work. Contact Benjamin Oaks for your next project!

Benjamin just released a new instrumental triphop album ‘L1R’ under his electronica moniker V1TAL!